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Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the Accounting and Finance profession globally by setting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence. Develop Career strategy Improve and enhance business Processes Enhance competency via training plans addressing employee’s needs.


Applicants benefit from accreditation because, through the process, their ICCA Institute has committed to raising members performance and will be held accountable for improving members learning on a continual basis.
The benefits of accreditation including:

  • A distinctive mark of quality recognized internationally, that affords external recognition of the institute’s commitment to quality.
  • Standards based on research on factors that impact members learning.
  • Proven, clear, and intuitive processes for institute improvement that are grounded in best practices from the education and business fields.
  • Professional development and opportunities.
  • An opportunity to gain valuable input, validation, and support from our partners.
  • Access to guides, handbooks, primers, resources, tools and Web sites aimed at enhancing improvement efforts.
  • Transferability of credits to members from institute to institute.

What can accreditation mean for members?

Members who join accredited institute can rest assured that the institute is committed to raising members’ performance and held accountable for improving members learning on a continual basis.
Accreditation means that members have:

  • Qualified instructors who are continually working to improve their practices and teaching methods in order to increase members’ performance.
  • Access to a rich, diverse, and sound curriculum.
  • Access to a range of members activities and support services.


ICCA obtained the accreditation by American Council for Testing and Accreditation and listed under Rank A.

Furthermore, the ICCA professional certificates can be notarized by American Council for Testing and Accreditation (ACTA) and by the Delaware State Notary, State of Delaware and USA state of Division.