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Certified Cost Accountant (CCA)

Certified Cost Accountants provide accounting, financial and management services to a range of businesses, organizations and accounting firms In today"s world , the profession of congenital accounting and auditing has taken a back seat and accountants increasingly contribute towards the management of scare resources and apply strategic decisions.This has opened up further scope and tremendous opportunities for cost accountants. Members of this profession will be the driving force in the team of management while in employment and a key consultants. This is why Cost Accountants are called Management Accountants all over the world.

Cost Accounting

Cost accounting is the process of tracking, recording and analyzing costs associated with the activity of an organization, where cost is defined as "required time or resources . Costs are measured in units of currency by convention Cost Accounting could also be defined as a kind of management accounting that translates the Supply Chain (the physical movement of products ) into financial value to support decision making to improve costs and cash flows.

Becoming a CCA :

To Become a Certified cost accountant , the candidate should Pass a 60 % degree of Formal CCA exam . The Exam Include Several Element Related To Cost accounting.

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