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Certified Financial & Administrative System Consultant (CFAC)

The main purpose of the administrative policies and procedures system is to determine the policies, rules and methods of the administrative services within the Organization. The system also explicitly species the steps to be followed, by  the  employees of  Administration dep. And of other departments,   toward the execution of the approved policies of administrative fairs of the Organization.
To Achieve This Main Purpose, The System Should Includes The Following Elements:
  • Identification of the policies to secure administrative services required by all departments through establishing a specialized administration department which serves the whole Organization based on legal procedures assembled in a single system .
  • Reassurance of specialization principle through assigning administrative services to one department which relieves other departments from administrative hurdles in order to enable those departments to focus on their productive works.
  • Explaining the process how for each service that falls under the umbrella of administrative affairs.
  • Establishing series of procedural steps for each actual procedure and determining responsibility for executing each step, the methodology of the execution ..... etc.
  • Providing a systematic approach to adding, modifying, deleting or adjusting the type or number of procedures which changing conditions within the Organization may necessitate.

The aim of the Financial system is to explain the accounting procedures which shall be followed during the execution of the die rent activities within the organization. The Financial system identifies the documentary cycles, associated with these procedures in order to supply the finance department with needed information in afast and correct manner. This in turn will enable the finance department to gather and record accounting movements and to prepare financial reports which help the executive management to make the right decisions at the right time.

In preparing this Financial system, we tried to make the procedures as easy and simple as they could be. We also tried to make them suitable to the organization"s nature of business. The organizational structure of the organization and the approved authority matrix are also considered.

The Financial system is divided into several parts, each explains how to take certain procedure. the documents needed, the way of preparing these documents and the number of copies used. The interdepartmental relations between the various functioning units within the organization, the flow of the procedure among them. and the way the documents are handled are also explained.

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